Friendship Quotes

1. Moving in the dark with your best friend is better than moving alone in the light.

2. A good friend knows some of your best moments of life but a best friend is also a part of your best moments of life.

3. Real friends are the key that can open the bliss of life.

4. Without friends, a costly minute winds up poorly and with friends, we can make the least expensive minute costly.

5. Friends have the power to make your good moments best and bad moments not so bad.

6. Some relationships are made of money, so some relationships are made with blood, but friendship is a relationship that is made with heart.

7. Considered in today’s world the destination of friends are different, but the ways of their childhood memories are same.

8. Life becomes easier when you have a true female friend.

9. School friends are those friends who never judged you by your frame of mind.

10. The genuine friends of this world are as ship lamps in the roughest nights.

11. A real friend is one who shows their friendship in hard days, not on easy days.

12. Things are never entirely as frightening when you have the closest friends. 

13. I did not lose a friend. I simply acknowledged I never had one.

14. A friend is somebody who can see reality and suffering in you despite when you are tricking every other person.

15. Surround yourself with those friends who are on the same mission as you.

16. A solitary rose can be my garden, a solitary friend, my reality.

17. Think where man’s greatness most starts and ends, and state my brilliance was i had such friends.

18. A friend hears the melody in my heart and sings it to me when my memory falls flat.

19. Friends are the songs that provides background music in life.

20. A true friend is one who supposes you are a good egg even if you are half split.

21. It is about the personal satisfaction and finding a glad harmony between work and friends.

22. In life it is also important to have weird friends because they have the power to make you laugh. 

23. A good friend will support you in serious moments but a best friend will make you laugh in serious moments.

24. Best companions they know how insane you are and still be seen with you in broad daylight.

25. You are lucky in the event that you found a friend who never becomes weary of undetstanding your rubbish attitude.

26. There comes a time in your life when you understand who truly matters, who never did, and who faithfully will.

27. Great friends resemble stars. You don’t generally observe them however you realize they are always there.

28. Fellowship is one personality in many bodies.

29. Friendship enhances joy and happiness by multiplying of our gladness and sharing of our sadness.

30. Friendship is not about the old and new friends. It’s about who came and stand always with you.